Canopy Scissor Lifts

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Canopy Scissor Lifts

Tecmach canopy scissors lifts are designed to have an integral frame on the main platform supporting an upper platform. They are used in applications such as car lifts and refuse bin lifts where there is a need for either an upper load level (two cars, one space) or for the scissor lift to be hidden below ground level where waste bins are loaded in the basement out of sight. This can also apply to stage scenery lifts.

Tecmach canopy-lifts are designed with additional reinforcing frames within the lower platform to accommodate the loading from paving slabs etc. Our canopy lifts can accommodate roll over loading from foot and driven traffic. The upper platform incorporated a gully drain and can have retention edges for the finish.

The lifts can be specified for internal and external areas. We can offer platform finishes to match the surrounding areas.

Features and Options.

  • Heavy duty reinforced platforms
  • Surface to match the surroundings
  • Specific control system with electrical interlocking
  • Bottom stops
  • Choice of finished, two-pack paint, hot or cold galvanised
  • Anti-tilt devices
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