Adjustable Height Work Benches

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Adjustable Height Work Benches Range

Variable height work benches are a special application of scissor lifts to give an operator a ergonomic working position and helps to eliminate bending and stretching.

An example of an application is within machine assembly, raising the machine so that there is easy access to the part of the normally below waist height.

This makes wiring a straight forward job, eliminating kneeling, bending and stretching. In these cased the variable height work bench may have a rubber finish to the platform as well as location points and easy reach controls.

Adjustable height assembly bench for ergnomic working position

Adjustable Height Welding Benches

Tecmach variable work welding benches are based on a proven scissor lift table range which are built of quality components for industrial usage. The tables are built to EN 1570, machinery directive and are CE marked provide a stable and safe working platform Bring the product to a comfortable working height offers benefits to organisations. Helping to reduce the risks associated with manual handling, improving occupational health and safety at workstations results in contented employees, fewer accidents, better productivity which will lead to products.

Tecmach variable height welding benches are built to meet the needs of precision fabricators who require a robust high quality equipment to support their manufacturing operation. The welding operative can change the height of the table to give best access for each part of the operation, this can assist in maintaining work quality and improve operator health and safety. Specific to the welding bench is a top platform from unpainted thick plate suitable for tacking and grinding, fitted with garth bonding studs.

adjustable height low profile welding bench
tecmach welding bench blakley electrics

    Features & Options

  • Heavy duty top allows for tacking to table and grinding of tacks
  • Plate thick enough not to distort
  • Safer manual handling-loading, unloading and during assembly or fabrication
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Improved efficiency
  • Hand pendant control or foot control-UP, DOWN and emergency stop
  • Flexible conduit over cable and hose to protect from welding and grinding sparks
  • Industrial build quality
  • Very good stability
  • Safety ledge aground platform & hose break valve in cylinders

Adjustable height lawn mower servicing platform
variable height assembly bench 1000 kg capacity
adjustable height bench
Adjustable height heavy duty welding bench
adjustable height food trolley loading platform
airline food tray left
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