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Double Tecmach Scissor lift table raised to full height Two work access platforms for railway industry fitted with fixed handrails and belt guards. Back to PRODUCTS

Triple Double lift

(3 double scissors stacked with intermediate frame.)

This is a special application lift where the customer wanted a small footprint and high stroke.  The customer used it for raising for telecommunications aerial.

Two work access platforms under construction.  Fixed handrails and belt guards fitted.

A single scissor lift table can have a maximum stroke of approximately 2/3 the platform length. If a higher stroke is needed for a given platform size then the scissor packages are stacked to form double or triple scissor units. The high lift tables are often used as goods lifts or working platforms. Handrails and gates or doors are typical accessories in these applications.

Tandem scissor lift used as a refuse lift / bin lift goods lift installed at apartments at Bridges Wharf, Battersea.  Built by Weston  Homes.

Loads from one side at lower level and offloads from other side at upper level.

Custom External gates included in our supply.

Similar refuse bin lifts at the new development at Portebello Square built by Ardmore Construction.

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