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A Scissor Lift Table to suit every application.

Many of our customers have specific requirements that are not exactly met by the standard range.  Our factory facilities are designed to be very flexible allowing us to manufacture custom built scissor lift tables cost effectively.

Most custom built designs are built using as many standard components as possible, these parts have been thoroughly tested through experience and are readily available for service maintenance and repair.  For this reason selecting a custom built table is not appreciably more expensive than a standard lift table.

We can supply stainless steel or galvanised lifts. So if you are in the food industry talk to us.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Tecmach scissor lift table is a integral part of feeding material from automated storage to laser cutting machine.  Scissor lift runs on tracks between the storage racks and the laser infeed.

Goods in scissor lift at a resturant

Goods in for restaurant to deal with level change between yard and kitchen

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