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Tecmach gas bottle lift

Gas Bottle Lift

Tecmach provided to a London Hospital a custom designed compact scissor lift to take nine surgical gas bottles from street level to the basement bottle store level.  The site had restricted space and a custom lift was designed to meet the requirements wide enough to take the three rows of bottles but still allow passage of personnel and bottles at lower level. 

The platform is fitted with racks to take the gas bottles, twin boom barrier which lift vertically to give safe access to the platform without projecting into the walkway.  Walkway protection is provided by safety mesh from the underside of the platform.

The barriers are interlocked and also controls the lift access gate at street level.

Scissor lift for moving goods between levels within factory

The warehouse is building which is on two levels due to being on a sloping site.

The scissor lift goods lift is used to move pallets on pallet truck between the upper and lower levels. 

The scissor platform is fitted with handrails and gate and goal post.

The goal post on the scissor lift next to the higher level side means gives access to the lift when the lift is raised and provides a barrier when the lift is in the lowered position.

Tecmach Scissor lifts with shafts cardboard processing

Four Tecmach Mezzaine floor lifts

These lifts are used to move new product from production to the storage area on the mezzaine floor.


At lower level the finished product is transported to the lifts on conveyors where it is automatically loaded onto the lift which raises to the uppper level.  The product is off loaded by hand pallet truck and moved to storage area.

Custom disabled lift for Scottish listed building Example of Disabled access lift installed in Glasgow at premises with listed building status.

Lift gives access from pavement level to entrance level. When not in use the lift parks out of sight in basement open area.

This scissor lift platform was finished with stainless trim and handrails, glass panels and stone clad floor.
Tecmach air cargo handling scissor lift with weighing facility Air cargo handling with inbuilt cargo weighing system at a USAF site using a single scissor lift table.

System can weigh from 5 kg to 10 tonnes, ensuring that the total cargo on aircraft is correctly weighed and distributed.
Mezzaine floor goods lift Goods Only lift to a mezzanine floor within its enclosure.
Goods inwards Tecmach scissor lift - loading dock Shopping centre

Lorry off loading is at roof level in the shopping centre.
Access to some units via bridge, single scissor lift as goods lift.
Goods inwards

Single scissor lift with goal post frame at upper level access.

 Tecmach customised stage lift

Theatre Stage lift

Tecmach double scissor lift for use as theatre stage lift.  Lifts to stage level and beyond, lifts section of stage.

Special requirements: removable shaft and whole lift can be moved out of way if lift not being used in production to free up orchestra space.


Tecmach Red loading dock table

Single scissor lift in loading dock, painted in corporate colours.


Good inwards loading dock Tecmach scissor lift table with goal posts

Goods inwards lift installed in retail store. 

Lift features goal post guards around lift platform plus hinged gate arm on external side.

Edinburgh Custom DDA lift ListedBuilding

Scissor lifts don't have to be rectangular.

Custom six sided scissor lift for Disable access lift for Scottish listed building.

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