Goods only lifts

Tecmach supply a range goods only scissor lifts designed and built for your application, Uses include basement, mezzanine floor and building lightwell applications.

We provide appropriate control and guarding solutions that meet relevant regulations and to suit the specific location.

Goods only scissor lifts can be customised to suit specific site requirements and dimensions. We can match gate and door positions. There is a range of finishes for factory or aesthetic architectural finishes to blend in with the surrounding area. Operators can be accommodated in lifts operating up to 3m.

Goods only scissor lifts can be designed for specific applications such as refuse bin where scissor lifts provide a safe and effective method of transferring bins between levels whether within a building or outside a building. Solutions can be offered where the platform is invisible when parked such as within a building lightwell.

Features and options
• Handrails including architectural handrails and gates to blend in with surroundings
• Electro-mechanically interlocked gates
• Shafts and landing gates.
• Full custom installations
• Boom barriers and hinged gates
• Concertina or roller shutter gates
• Over load sensing and alarms at all levels.