car lift

Car scissor lifts are a special application. Tecmach car scissors lifts are designed to accommodate the static and dynamic loading applied as a vehicle is driven on the platform. In addition Tecmach can supply position detection to ensure the vehicle is not overhanging the lifting platform

Tecmach car scissor lifts are designed with increased reinforcing frames where the wheel loading is applied, and accommodate the uneven loading of various vehicles size and weight distribution. The bearing sized and beam sizes are selected to absorb the dynamic forces.

The scissor lifts can be specified for internal and external areas. We can offer platform finishes to match the surrounding areas so that the car lift is harmonious with is surroundings. Tecmach also offer a canopy lift system, so that when lowered all that is seen is a driveway. 

Features and Options

 Heavy duty reinforced platforms in plain or tear plate
 Surface to match the surroundings
 Electrical interlocking
 Bottom stops
 Roller blind, Mesh or bellows guarding
 Two pack paint
 Anti-tilt devices

Tecmach car lift