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Tecmach has been supplying scissor lifts for over 29 years and our engineers have considerable experience in scissor lift table design, which means that our scissor lift tables manufactured to meet customers specific requirements.

Tecmach has a wide range of standard scissor lift tables together with the ability to provide custom designed tables suited for a particular working situation.

Each scissor lift table is available with a selection from a comprehensive range of accessories. Common to all Tecmach scissor lift tables is the high quality of build, safety features and service reliability.

Scissor lifts are the solutions to level changes in all sectors and industries.

From ergonomic packing station pallet lifts to rock concert stage lifts to a Church Altar to bin lifts in residential buildings - we can supply a scissor lift for your requirements.

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Servicing, repairs and parts for Tecmach, JIHAB and other makes of scissor lifts

We can supply replacement Mesh Safety curtains and

safety roller blind to fit most scissor lifts?

Application examples:

Variable height workbenches

Disabled / Wheel chair lifts

Goods lifts

Mezzanine floor lifts

Bin Lifts / Refuse Lifts

Stage lifts

Packing stations

Machine infeeds / outfeeds

Working platforms

Low profile scissor lifts for pallet trucks etc

Mobile scissor lifts

Welding Benches

Conveyor tops

Food industry


#pic_77 Mast Lift

Pair of tandem tables as infeed table to guillotine in a packaging factory

Loading dock lift with shallow 75 mm pit, can be supplied with shallow ramp for pitless installation.

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Scissor lift range

Single Scissor lift

Double scissor lift

Tandem scissor lift table

Low Profile scissor lift table

Mobile Scissor lifts / trolleys

Welding bench

Car lift

Custom scissor lifts

Bin and Refuse lift

Mast lift

Pedestrian Stackers

Safety Mesh Curtains

Roller blinds

Safety signs

Curly / spiral cable

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